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Before 5/7/22 - Creation of the site, updated "index.html", added various photos and drew up pictures specialized for the NeoSite, added "about.html". Change name from "dreamerizumi's website" to "DreamerIzumi's 90's Comfort Zone" to finally "DreamerIzumi's Comfort Lounge".


5/7/22 - Added "changelog.html" to the site, any changes that were made before this date are not documented and thus be lost forever.

  • Added "Changelogs" page to the website.
  • Created and Added two new drawings; One in "Index", and the other on "About"
  • Started Constuction on "Dream Log"
  • Updated "About" page to add in an additional paragraph regarding origin of the username "DreamerIzumi"
  • BETA

    5/18/23 - "Wow! It's been a full year since I last visited my website! I've been down with stuff lately, luckily, I'm graduating in a couple days so I may work on this website a bit more when I'm down with the case of boredom!" *Blows a dusty webpage* -DreamerIzumi

  • Changed background of the Changelog to "checkergreen.png" to "water.gif", it's easier to read the text now, I think...
  • Minor page fixes
  • 5/30/2023 - "Today was an [Offical] Senior Skip Day, and yet I'm still in school bc I have to turn in a form regarding Pre-Grad stuff and staying in for a track meet today (;-;) life sucks sometimes right? Anyway, nothing is happening in school anyway since 98% of all seniors are out and about, so I'm tweeking more stuff on my website!" -DreamerIzumi

  • Edited "dd.html" (Dream Logs) by centering text and put more striking colors to make it more readable
  • Text tweaks + corrections in "dd.html"
  • 5/31/2023 - "FINALLY! A NEW PAGE! Introducing... THE ART GALLERY!!!! Now you're available to see all the artwork I've done over the years! I'm proud to show this off!" -DreamerIzumi

  • Created "art_gallery.html" (Art Gallery)
  • Added some artwork into Art Gallery (Not ordered timewise)
  • Added shortcut list to every page on the website for easier navigation
  • 6/2/2023 - "I am an idiot, so uh I rediscovered how to put the favicon and title on every page, and uh fixed every page I have to show its title and the favicon imao. Also, new art and links!" -DreamerIzumi

  • Fixed favicon + added titles on almost every page
  • Added new art pieces to the Art Gallery
  • Added social media links to the About page
  • Changed background of the Changelogs
  • 7/24/2023 - "Making more progress on the website, I tried adding audio in via YT for the pages, but aparently a 2018 update from Google made autoplay near impossible to operate on Chrome (and probably other sites). So probably the only thing to do is to get the upgrade from Neocities, which I would like but I'll decide when I should do it."

  • Updated "index.html" to include better graphics
  • Begin archiving past versions of pages before major updates, any version before the 7.24.23 Build are lost forever. (probably store them in my floppy discs)
  • "style.css" is modified to adapt for "index.html"
  • Changed "index.html" text from "Hi! Welcome to my Chillout Lounge! It may look barebones, and that's because I don't know how to do HTML or CSS. But enjoy exploring my 90's esque site!" to "Hi! Welcome to my personal project of mine, a 90's-esque website painfully coded by me to share almost everything about me :)" (its not a barebones website anymore :C)
  • Invited Basil and THE MAVERICK to "index.html". Basil looks like he got himself some illegal substances, damn that incident fucked him up so much he resorted to drugs."