Change Logs

Before 5/7/22 - Creation of the site, updated "index.html", added various photos and drew up pictures specialized for the NeoSite, added "about.html". Change name from "dreamerizumi's website" to "DreamerIzumi's 90's Comfort Zone" to finally "DreamerIzumi's Comfort Lounge".

5/7/22 - Added "changelog.html" to the site, any changes that were made before this date are not documented and thus be lost forever.

  • Added "Changelogs" page to the website.
  • Created and Added two new drawings; One in "Index", and the other on "About"
  • Started Constuction on "Dream Log"
  • Added audio for "Index" and "Dream Logs"
  • Updated "About" page to add in an additional paragraph regarding origin of the username "DreamerIzumi"