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Documenting since 2020, my dreams are...strange to say the least.

!WARNING! Some dreams contain NSFW or offensive content that are not suitable to read out in public. A spoiler will cover the text, to see the log, hover your mouse over the covered text underneeth.

Authors Note: Not all dream logs will be shown to the public and some logs are altered to white-out content to protect privacy of people or personal reasons.

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Dream Archives: Date Unknown; Around 2008-2009

I was at my old house, the family was gone and it was night (supposely around 10-2 o' clock). I called out my parents, no response. Then I saw a alien. He was circling in the hallway/dining room carring a protest sign(?) I approached it, and it chanted to me in an unknown language before slashing me while raising his voice. I woke up with heavy breaving. It was my first nightmare.

Dream Archives: Date Unknown

I was at a graduation, and I was the graduate chosen to give out a speech to the graduating class. However, instead of a normal speech you expect, I started to give out a speech that are similar to Adolf Hitler's style of speech: yelling, yelling, and more yelling in German. As the speech progresses, I became louder and more agressive to my audience. Then, the speech was cut short.

Dream Archives: Date Unknown; Around 2013

The dream started with me and a random student in the principal's office at my old elementry school. For whatever reason, we were both in trouble, but in the end we were told to leave(?) When leaving, an old lady at the front desk offered both of us a lolipop. The unknown boy and I then rushed out of the room and told a nearby teacher "FIRE NATION, FIRE NATION!". The teacher somehow understood what we were saying, and let us outside, allowing us to escape the school.

Outside the school it was pitch black. With only spotlights illumating parts around the school. Around the building were layers upon layers of chain-linked fence surrounding the entire school. The last layer of which leads to a dense forest. The boy and I made our escape, and while the kid did fine, I was having a hard time. I having such a difficult time climbing the fence the school staff were able to catch me on the first layer, pulling up from their Hummer, afterward I woke up.

To this day I believed that the dream was a foreshadow for the day I had after dreaming about it. On that day, I had a rough time, and to top of all off, have my recess taken away.

Dream Archive: Date Unknown; Around late 2019


The dream started in an underground labatory. There were three people present in the labatory with me. Dr.Kliner from Half Life, Brian Griffin from Family Guy, and an unknown woman. In the labatory was an open room where everyone's at and a hallway, containing a collection of Polaroids. For some reason, the woman started throwing away my Polaroid collection, which I begged her not to, but she threw them away anyways despite her asking "do you want this thrown away?", as if she gave me a choice.

While I was crying while begging for her to stop, Brian complements on the lab. Idk why bc the room he was in is equvilent to a submarine. All of a sudden, the lab supposely explode, and it launched me to the surface. The surface was a beach coast, and nothing else. The location was set up as if it was a roblox game, with large stone walls around the place and a bit of ocean to indicate a barrier.

All the people I've mentioned in the lab were dead. It was me, and an entity I'm about to encounter.

Rising from the ashes and debris, arose an entity deformed of anything that resembles a human. It's body twisted like an old dying orchard, and supposedly its skin is either chared or decayed to the point of it almost resembling a mummy without its cloth. It's face has no eyes, just empty sockets, almost to a point of decay.

As I tried to recover from the blast, I saw it, and stood still in fear. The thing said one thing to me:






Terrified, I try to run, but the first two tries I died to the creature by getting slashed (Forgot to mention that it acts like a part of a horror video game, theres like fog everywhere and when you die you go back to your last spawn point. It's weird).

By then I'm on my third run, and this time, on the beach, there was a FLOATING SHOPPING CART. Confused, I got onto the floating shopping cart, which has a similar buoyancy of that of a wooden boat, and I started to paddle, and paddle and paddle and paddle.

Literally in like a mile, there was a small island with a beached sailboat. I got onto the island as fast as possible. The creature was approaching me real fast, and was currently swimming in the water to get me. I somehow managed to get the boat into the water, despite being 10x the size of me and prob 2 tons.

As I safely sailed away from the dangeous island of the destoryed lab, the creature screached out in the distance saying:


As I relieved that the nightmare is over, I sailed away to the open sea.....

Or at least, thats how it was SUPPOSED to end.

For some goddamn reason my brain got horny and in the end after I sailed to the open seas, I was teleported to a room with naked women and I started banging a chubby black girl, cowboy style.

THEN, I woke up.

Dream Log: 5/14/20

Had a dream where I gone to a school/doctor appointment? But all I did was do Olympic exercises?

And when I was finished, my arch-enemy texted me to hang out, and I was in the middle of the church crowd, then went back to my mothers car?

And then listened to a jazz band called 505.

Note: The Band 505 is described by memory to be a Hispanic band, as one of the portraits of one of the band members was a Hispanic.

Dream Log: 5/26/20

Thought I woke up late, and realized im back at my old elementary school or middle school. So I tried to log in after being late for hours after class started. I did, but got sidetracked. Then I was hiding from someone.

I saw and listened to that "505" band again in my dreams, but its now changed to 808?

I'd also got sidetracked because I teleported to a random mine filled with silver, and got lost. So for some reason, I killed myself (?????). The strange climax of this dream is that I'm still a high school student, and I was in the wrong place.

I'm not sure why, but the part when I was hiding I was Stewie Griffin for a while and was hiding from Petter Griffin and a Meth addict, but I was also trying to hide from everybody else, and there was a room full of rabbits, maybe 7-9 of em, with white/black fur.

Also I encountered these people in my dreams:

  • My old middle school teacher
  • My old therapist
  • Band 505/808
  • Peter Griffin & The Meth Addict
  • Three middle aged ladies working at the school
  • Three to Four random kids

  • Dream Log: 5/29/20

    Had dreams of my old middle school. Had a soft nightmare of being inferior than my classmates, and being screwedover for a test and a book I haven't read.

    Dream Log: 6/1/20

    !WARNING! - NSFW;Sexual Situation

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    A former friend of mine and I were in a dream, just like the previous three dreams I had of them. However, in this dream, they begin giving me a blowjob. I woke up in a confused state.

    This was the first dream where them and I had a sexual interaction after a series of dreams I had with them.

    Heres a list of dreams both them and I were in:

  • First Dream: Them and I kissed for the entire dream.
  • Second Dream: I held hands with them in bed (nonsexual). It was like this before they complained about my breath.
  • Third Dream: I was laying on the lap of them. Thats it. They were talking to a 2 people while I rested on their lap. It was comforting.

  • Dream Log: 6/19/20

    !Content Warning! - Mention of Sexual Stuff

    It started with me in a hotel after a long flight.

    Wasn't happy with all the stuff I forgot and in the room, so I gone outside and found a small town surrounded by railroad tracks.

    It was a happy community, friendly too. However, they always advise me not cross the railroad tracks.

    Basically, I'm stuck in this small town.

    It would've been a boring time if my dream self haven't met a cute girl soon after, and we spend time with each other.

    It was like that until her father dragged me into a shed outside of town one night, crossing the tracks. Luckly, the girl was there to save me. We soon after rushed back to her house.

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    We then hid in a closet, and confessed our love to each other.

    For some reason, we both have the feeling that we should have sex.

    But that's got to wait since her father were looking for us.

    We stood in slience as the father was looking for us, but unfortunely, they eventually found us.

    The next few minutes were all of a fuzz to me, its unknown what happened next. Eventually the dream ended.

    However in the next dream, a person that I know of told me that she defeated her father with a yellow steamroller.

    The surprising part is, the girl that was in the entire dream, was a person I knew in real life.

    Artist's note: The people you see in dreams are usually ones you have seen before, as dreams uses elements from your memory. Even if you never knew the person but seen them, your brain will put them somewhere in your dream.